Cartoons To Watch: Beat Bugs

It's surprisingly difficult to find quality music based cartoons out there for the little ones. Of course you have some big animated films with super popular soundtracks (Moana, Frozen, etc), but the short mid day cartoon landscape for the kiddos is rather bleak. Thankfully Netflix is on the case with a new show based on the songs of The Beatles called "Beat Bugs". Their summary:

Hi! We are the Beat Bugs. We live in an overgrown backyard filled with fun, music, and adventure. Together with our friends from around the back yard, we explore, invent, have fun, and sing. While we often get into mischief, we always get by with courage, creativity and a little help from our friends.

Now for the sake of transparency, I would not say that "Beat Bugs" is a particularly great show. It's best asset to me is the shtick, a kid's show using Beatles songs as themes. That being said it's hard to overstate the greatness of that specific shtick. As opposed to the earworms of your kid's favorite show battling inside of your head, you can now enjoy the world's greatest earworms, albeit not in their most pristine condition, while your kids learn a thing or two about getting help from their friends, or the opposite from the taxman.

Check out the trailer below: